Are you divorced, widowed, over 30?
Then this is for you.

Maybe you need to hear this. Don't give up, all is not lost. At Mature Muslims, our vision is to help people like you fulfil half your deen & complete your family.

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"We want to help break community taboos which look down at people who are older, divorced, separated and/or with children that can accept them living alone for the rest of their lives rather than finding a compatible life partner and a chance at fulfilling their deen!"

Imran Khalil

CEO and Founder

A service made specifically for our members

We aren't just another matrimony service. We cater for a very specific group of people, and our services are made with them in mind.

Bespoke platform

All our features are built around members who may have children, who are divorced, widowed or have had negative marriage experiences before.

Built on Islamic principles

We want you to find your ideal partner the halal way. That means no chat rooms, no poking and facilities for Wali's and guardians to get involved if you wish.

Affordable with no contracts

We charge what we do to keep the service running. But our main goal is to provide hope for those who have been through rough times before.

No compromises on privacy

Our platform has fine-tuned privacy settings. That means you control what data others see about you, and you control who sees your profile.

Easy to start and easy to use

We are fortunate that our service is completely bespoke and made to be super user friendly, even for those that aren't technically gifted.

Supporting you throughout

We hope our blog posts, insights, FAQ's and members forum (coming soon) will help you build a support network even after finding a partner.